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Europe’s 7th Annual, One-Day Internal Communications Conference Returns On 8th September At One Great George Street, Central London

Engage & Inspire, Boost Bottom-Line Results & Add Business Value With Strategic, Authentic & Empowering Internal Communications: Boost Employee Experience & Productivity & Prove The Strategic Impact Of Internal Communications With The Latest Digital Tools & Fresh, Innovative Measurement-Focused Strategies That Empower Leaders, Secure Senior Buy-In & Drive Successful Culture Change & Multi-Channel Comms

A One-Day, Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 8th September 2020, One Great George Street, London

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Position Internal Communications As An Essential Business Function With The Right Tech & Social Media Platform Mix, Fresh Content & Engagement Strategies & Clearly Measured Results That Generate Buy-In & Authentic Leadership Comms For Boosted Employee Engagement Across The Entire Workforce

  1. Drive Engagement, Productivity & Employee Experience: Innovative, attention-grabbing internal communications to inspire employees in the face of ongoing change
  2. Prove The Strategic Power Of Internal Comms! Gain trusted advisor status and position IC as an integral function within the business which drives strategic direction
  3. What’s The Latest Tech & Digital Tools To Invest In? Discover the newest digital and social media platforms on the market to keep your communications on point
  4. Measure Results & Secure Buy-In: Next-level measurement strategies which truly capture successes for ongoing investment and support from above
  5. Leaders – Your Best Communicators! Develop a close working relationship with leaders and inspire them to become authentic communicators for messages that are driven from the top
  6. Effective Internal Comms For Successful Culture Change: Work towards an open, empowered culture across your organisation that embraces change
  7. Tailor An Optimal Channel Mix: Get to grips with your audience demographics and determine the best channel mix for engaging, multichannel communications
  8. Engage The Hard-To-Reach Overcome Barriers: Whether it’s deskless workers or different time zones, bridge gaps with fresh strategies for reaching and engaging multiple workforces
  9. Excite Employees With Impactful Content: Captivating video, podcast and storytelling strategies that strike the right tone and are impossible to scroll past
  10. What Does The Future Hold For Internal Comms? Keep pace with today’s changing environment and understand key trends for 2020 and beyond for future-proofed internal communication strategies

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…What Do Our Past Delegates Think About Our Conferences?

'Sharing varied, practical insight to improve your internal comms and engagement strategy – inspiring ideas.' BBC News
'Informative and inspiring – I’m glad I came!' British Steel
'The latest trends and issues in the internal comms field.' House of Commons
'Fresh ideas to take back to the business.' B&Q
'Very interesting, of the moment and great food for thought!' Standard Life
'So informative. Great ideas, stimulating and motivational.' De Montfort University
'A good mix of industry sectors represented and a great set of informative speakers.' Vodafone
'A great breadth of speakers with practical insights that we can instantly apply.' NFU Mutual
'Lots of good content!' Honda