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31 In-House Communications Directors Explore Proactive Crisis & Reputational Risk Strategies!

Plan, Prepare & Action Quick-To-Execute & Risk-Mitigating Proactive Crisis Communications & Reputational Risk Strategies
Safeguard Corporate Reputation, Navigate The Evolving Social Media & Media Landscapes, Shape The Company Narrative With Timely & Accurate Messaging & Engage Employees, Stakeholders & Leaders Throughout The Crisis Timeline & Beyond.

A One-Day, Brand-Led, Practical Conference & Networking Event, 10th October 2019, Museum of London Docklands, London

08:30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09:00 GIC Welcome, Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Antony Tiernan
Director of Communications – Improvement & Development
NHS England & NHS Improvement

William McSheehy
Head of External Communications for Global Commercial Banking
HSBC Holdings Plc


09:15 Plan, Prepare & Action: Ensure Your Business Is Ready For Anything With A Best-Practice Crisis Plan Of Action

  • When did you last dust off your crisis plan? Ensure up-to-date strategies by scheduling timely updates and adjustments
  • Real-life best practice examples: the dos and don’ts!
  • Creating solid crisis strategies that suit your business - not one size fits all!
  • Keep up with the times! Anticipating key trends and potential crises that may affect your business for adaptable and flexible crisis plans

09:15 Perspective One: 

Phil Groves
Deputy Director, Strategy,
Operations & Incident Response

NHS England & NHS Improvement



09:35 Perspective Two:

Andrea Riepe
Global Issue & Crisis Manager
Reckitt Benckiser


09:55 Did It Really Go To Plan? Evolving Your Crisis Plan For Fit-For-Future Strategies Which Meet The Needs Of Future Business & Customers

  • From cyber-attacks to internal scandals to natural disasters, how can you ensure your company is prepared for anything?
  • Just how much did the blueprint end up differing from the plan in action? Real-life stories of what really happened
  • Stay ahead of ever-evolving cultural shifts, customer behaviours and tech updates with 'new-and-improved' innovations to enhance your crisis plan
  • What are the basics on your crisis plan checklist? What did you add to your toolkit after your last brush with the unexpected?

Tim Field
Business Resilience
Instinctif Partners




Catherine Steele
Corporate Affairs Director

David Morris

Bieneosa Ebite
Group Co-Deputy
Head of Corporate Communications

Chris Wynn
Director of

Nicola Green
Director of
Corporate Affairs

Lindsay Baldwin
Director Of
British Heart Foundation

10:25 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


10:55 Quick-To-Deploy Initial Responses, Messages & Communications For The Critical Hours Of Crisis

  • Don’t let the story run away from you! Stay on top by actioning crisis plans quickly, at any time, day or night
  • The first response! Protect your business by handling the initial yet critical hours with speed and accuracy
  • Collaborating with wider departments including legal and compliance for quick, compliant responses
  • In the world that never sleeps: what tools and technologies can help your business monitor crisis 24/7?

Richard Griffiths
Head of Project Communications (Western)
Network Rail


11:15 Proactive Crisis & Reputation Planning To Protect, Maintain & Salvage Corporate Reputation

  • Reputation is everything! Manage and safeguard your corporate reputation from further damage after experiencing a crisis
  • As a brand, how do you put things right and rebuild trust with your customers, employees and the wider community?
  • Prevent your initial crisis response further exacerbating the situation and causing reputational damage
  • Getting back to business as usual! Ensure smooth sailing for current and future business to prevent recurring crisis

Catherine Colloms
Director Corporate Affairs & Brand


11:35 From First Response To Business As Usual, Practical Approaches To Recover Corporate Reputation & Come Out Stronger

  • From putting your hands up to hoping it blows over, what approaches have you found work best to survive in the public eye?
  • When you think there is no way up? What were the steps you took when your company reputation hit shaky ground, and when did you see the light at the end of the tunnel?
  • 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months: as the crisis unfolds, what are the key interventions to ensure reputational recovery as the company returns to business as usual?

Martin Cottingham
Director of
External Relations & Advocacy
Islamic Relief Worldwide

Stacey Stothard
Head of Corporate Communications
Skipton Building Society

Hannah Boulton
Head of Press & Marketing
British Museum

Andrew Whyte
Director of Communications
Financial Conduct Authority

12:10 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

12:45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


13:10 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Blended Communications

Anders Nilsson
Head of External Communications

GoCo Group plc

B) International Crisis

Andrea Riepe
Global Issue & Crisis Manager

Reckitt Benckiser

C) Rebuilding Reputation

Simona Sikimic-French
Head of Media & External Relations

Islamic Relief Worldwide

D) Cyber & Data Security

Speaker To Be Announced; Please Check The Website For Frequent Updates

E) Brexit

Speaker To Be Announced; Please Check The Website For Frequent Updates

13:45 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Richard Scott
Executive Director,
Corporate Affairs
Virgin Trains

Joanna de Koning
Head of
Corporate Communications


14:00 Clear Messaging Which Effectively Communicates The Company Narrative Before, During & After A Crisis & Mitigates Reputational Damage

  • Cut through the noise: ensure your messages stand out by tailoring your message to resonate with the right audiences
  • Is honesty the best policy? Balancing transparency with oversharing in your messaging
  • Stop sending out mixed messages: make sure spokespeople are well informed to confidently deliver your crisis message
  • Leveraging positivity to rebuild brand reputation after crisis

Christina Choudhury


14:20 Responding To Crises That Don’t Exist: Combatting Fake News

YouTube share the fallout of the Momo incident which shook parents and shocked the nation earlier this year.

Zayna Aston
Head of YouTube Communications for Europe, Middle East & Africa



14:40 Take Control Of A Social Media Crisis & Maintain A Successful Reputation

  • Crisis at the speed of Twitter! Effectively handling crisis and taking control of your company narrative when everyone has a camera, an opinion and is online
  • The fundamental tools and first-alert technologies for monitoring and identifying crises and responding to a social media storm
  • Leveraging social media channels as a tool to take control of your company’s narrative at any stage of a crisis
  • From social media faux pas to oversharing CEOs, preventing social media being the cause of crisis, and how to navigate and limit damage as quickly as possible
  • Investigating the positive and negative impact of influencers on brand reputation and their role as a catalyst or solution of crisis

Richard Griffiths
Head of Project
Communications (Western)
Network Rail

James Banks
Head of External
Relations (EMEA)

Kate Levine
Global Director of
Activism & Communications
The Body Shop

Laura Gurnett
Head of Consumer PR
Smart Energy GB

Fergus Campbell
Head of PR
15:10 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15:40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16:10 Engaging Employees Through Every Stage Of Crisis To Respond Effectively & Maintain Community

  • Consistency is key: streamline your response across the business by keeping everyone in the loop and aware of their role to play
  • Are your employees prepared? Tips on training employees from cashiers to c-suite with the skills to respond to crisis
  • Don’t let the minority ruin it! Educating high-profile employees to ensure poor behaviour doesn’t damage company reputation
  • Employees are the heart of any successful business! Practical steps to keep staff happy during and after crisis

Daniel Rossall Valentine, Head of Engineering Talent Project, The Royal Academy of Engineering


16:20 Crisis Doesn’t Happen In A Bubble! Identifying & Engaging Internal & External Stakeholders Before, During & After A Crisis For Effective Incident Handling & Long-Term, Collaborative Relationships

  • Clearly mapping key stakeholders from within and outside the business to simplify complex networks and really understand how all main players might be impacted
  • Identifying and preparing key communications and channels to effectively keep all major stakeholders in the loop and ensure all crisis protocols and plans are followed to the letter
  • Managing internal stakeholders needs and expectations to align behind one quick-to-execute, cohesive, multi-departmental crisis management strategy

16:20 Perspective One:

Kristine Kelly
Head of Communications
& Patient Advocacy, Oncology
Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Limited

16:40 Perspective Two

Claire Hughes
Head of
Corporate Affairs & Advocacy
AB Agri Ltd


17:00 Successfully Navigating Media Involvement During A Crisis To Safeguard Reputation

  • Break through and utilise the right channels to communicate effectively with the media when a crisis transpires
  • Take control of the crisis before the media does! Early warning signs to spot a crisis before the media
  • Practical steps to successfully deal with the media and ensure the appropriate people are involved to safeguard company reputation

Anders Nilsson
Head of External
GoCo Group plc

Miles Fletcher
Head of Media & Public Relations
Office for National Statistics

Rae Stewart
Director of C
orporate Affairs
Water UK

17:30 Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference